About our Name

Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society — Why "Bach" ?

. . . considering we present almost every style of music (although Johann Sebastian Bach's work has been performed here on occasions)

PhotoThe name arose out of an informal party in 1963. A small group of friends were hanging out on a Sunday afternoon in a former beer joint facing the ocean, owned by Pete Douglas. While drinking and listening to recorded music, some other people fell in with some dynamite. They suggested we all go out and explode it on the beach. Declining their offer, the dynamiters left us to do their deed. Meanwhile back to the party and music, Douglas, in a change of mood, put on his recording of the Bach Brandenberg Concerti. Upon listening a while, someone suggested the music was in 4/4 time — why not dance to it! This we did, doing a form of West Coast Swing dancing to Bach, when we heard an explosion on the beach. An inebriated guest, Bob Swift, upon hearing the blast, claimed we were the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society. Of course, we were anything but a society, and fancied ourselves Beat Hipsters of the Fifties who looked with Bohemian disdain on any social conformity.

From these beginnings it's been hard to imagine that the Bach Society would become an important presenter of World Class talent. Few small venues have had the opportunity featuring such diverse musical styles with nationally known talent. It gives truth to the fact that real artist will perform in small facilities if the management is knowledgeable and supportive of their musical efforts — that music making can still have priority over financial concerns.