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Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 4:45 PM
To: Bach Society


Hi Linda,

I'm still in shock and mourning over Pete's passing. What a unique character and what a special place for hearing music he created there. As you know, I booked many bands there over the past 15+ years, and flew cross country to attend the concerts whenever I could. I'll never forget my first - pianist Rachel Z's trio with Mimi Jones (then Miriam Sullivan) on bass, and Allison Miller on drums. As the sun was setting over the ocean there was a quiet exodus of about half the audience onto the deck outside to watch the event. A few minutes later they filed quietly back in and took their seats as the band burned on. I thought to myself, "Where else can you have an experience like that?"

Pete created such a warm and welcoming vibe for the musicians and the audience. There was no sense of separation between one and the other, it was all one big family, there to celebrate Life and Nature and Art at the Douglas Beach House. The music reflected Pete's own diverse tastes but was always of a high calibre, and I heard many transcendant performances there over the years. I also had many long, philosophical discussions with Pete, on my visits and on the phone, and absorbed much of his accumulated wisdom on Art and Culture in present-day Society. He was a passionate advocate that music is best experienced in intimate, informal settings like his, and after attending his concerts, who could argue?

Pete is gone, but Bach lives on. After 50 years, it has generated quite a bit of momentum. I understand that Pete handed the reins over to you in the event of his demise, and I know you have the experience to carry on this wonderful tradition, so that what Pete created will be available to many other discoverers of the Bach Dynamite & Dancing Society in the future. I sincerely hope that Pete's heirs who own the building allow you to do this. To lose this precious and unique resource would be a tragedy.

With Thanks to Pete and Prayers for the Future,
Reggie Marshall
MarsJazz Booking Agency
Charlottesville, VA