The non-profit Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society consists of founder Pete Douglas, a small Board of Directors, one part-time staff, two concessionaires, and a rotating group of volunteers. For over 40 years, this "lean machine" has worked together under the vision of Pete Douglas to present major musicians in an unparalleled location. Pete often refers to it as one of the last "mom and pop" operations, surely in the music industry. Need we ask why they volunteer — 180 degree ocean views, world-class music, and appreciative audiences, for starters. Volunteers of various other talents are encouraged. For instance, we need assistance researching media contacts and websites for our calendar listings, as well as finding and soliciting potential co-sponsors for specific performances. And the list goes on. Feel free to email us, reference: Friends of the Bach.

linda Goetz Tony Pera Medea Bern  
Pete Douglas,
Founder &
Concert Manager
Linda Goetz,
Assistant to Founder & Board Member
Tony Pera,
Board Member &
House Engineer
Medea Bern, Chair
Advisory Committee


Sharon Scott Hiroko-Tanaka
Sharon Scott,
Betsy Gallagher,
Webmaster & Volunteer
Peg Atkinson,
Volunteer & Member
Ngozi Okafo,
Wil Ruddock Nicole Boothman Sound Techs pic  
Wil Ruddock, Volunteer Nicole Boothman,
Ben Unger & Adrian Wong – sound & stage techs Mary Brill, Ebb Tide Manager  

Jim Twomey & Jane Myers Catering staff
Bar Concession
Jim Twomey & Jane Myers
Lori, Jason & Joana

Contact: 650 726-4143  •  Email: 

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